A9 – Light Vehicle Diesel Engines

1. Diesel Engine Fuel Systems 

1a.  Low Pressure Fuel System Components, Operation, Testing and Diagnostics Dan Wereminski & Logan Straeter 

1b.  Mechanical Injection Components, Operation, Testing and Diagnostics –  D’Alessandro, Rayne – 2019 

2. Diesel Engine Air Management 

2a.  Turbocharger Principles of Operation, Management, Testing and Diagnostics – Nathan Lee – 2019 

2b.  Intercooler Operation and Effect on Combustion Chemistry 

3. Diesel Engine Emissions and After-Treatment – Troy Musillami – 2018 

3a.  EGR System Components, Operation, Testing and Diagnostics 

3b.  Diesel Oxidation Catalysis, Particulate Filters, and Selective Catalyst Reduction Systems Components, Operation, Testing and Diagnostics – Troy Musillami 2018

4. Diesel Engine Drivability and Emissions Diagnostics 

4a.  Combustion Chemistry Analysis and 5-gas analysis