A8 – Engine Performance

1. Diagnostic Tools and Equipment – William Flickema – 2019 

2. Electronic Engine Controls 

   2a. Inputs – sensors and switches – Joseph Dowjotas – 2018 

   2b. Outputs – solenoids, actuators, and motors 

   2c. Processors – control module functions, adaptation, and programming 

3. Fuel Systems 

   3a. Automotive Fuels – Austin Mulkaye 

   3b. Fuel Delivery – Patrick Bauer – 2019 

   3c. Fuel Injection Components and Operation – Ryan Hoelscher 

   3d. Fuel Control Sensors 

   3e. Fuel System Diagnostics and Testing Techniques 

   3f. Gasoline Direct Injection Components and Operation – Logan Duckworth 

   3g. Gasoline Direct Injection Diagnostics 

   3h. Forced Air Induction Components and Operation – Maxwell Gastel – 2018 

4. Ignition Systems 

   4a. Ignition System Components and Operation – Jose Duarte – 2018 

   4b. Ignition System Diagnostics and Test Techniques 

5. Emission Control Systems 

   5a. Combustion Gasses Measurement and Analysis 

   5b. Vehicle Emission Standards and Testing 

   5c. EVAP System Components and Operation – Dennis Moiceanu 

   5d. EVAP System Diagnostics and Testing 

   5e. EGR System Components, Operation, Diagnosis – Nick Kuntzi – 2019 

   5g. Variable Valve Timing Components and Operation – Kevin Smith 2020

   5i. Catalyst System Operation 

   5j. Catalyst System Diagnostics 

   5k. 5-gas testing and diagnostics 

Blue = mostly or completely finished

Green = needs minor additions and revisions

Red = needs major additions and revisions