A8 – Engine Performance

1. Diagnostic Tools and Equipment

2. Electronic Engine Controls
2a. Inputs – sensors and switches
2b. Outputs – solenoids, actuators, and motors
2c. Processors – control module functions, adaptation, and programming

3. Fuel Systems
3a. Automotive Fuels
3b. Fuel Delivery
3c. Fuel Injection Components and Operation
3d. Fuel Control Sensors
3e. Fuel System Diagnostics and Testing Techniques
3f. Gasoline Direct Injection Components and Operation
3g. Gasoline Direct Injection Diagnostics
3h. Forced Air Induction Components and Operation
3i. Forced Air Induction Diagnostics

4. Ignition Systems
4a. Ignition System Components and Operation
4b. Ignition System Diagnostics and Test Techniques

5. Emission Control Systems
5a. Combustion Gasses Measurement and Analysis
5b. Vehicle Emission Standards and Testing
5c. EVAP System Components and Operation
5d. EVAP System Diagnostics and Testing
5e. EGR System Components and Operation
5f. EGR System Diagnosis and Testing
5g. Variable Valve Timing Components and Operation
5h. Variable Valve Timing Diagnosis and Testing
5i. Catalyst System Operation
5j. Catalyst System Diagnostics
5k. 5-gas testing and diagnostics